This sounds about right. Rich people thinking they deserve to be more rich for not doing much at all. Shelly & Donald Sterling have been in the media ever since his infamous racist rant that was recorded by his low life side chick. The couple are in the midst of a divorce now and even though they received $2 billion dollars from the sale of the Clippers, Shelly still wants Donald to fork over alimony payments.


Strangest thing about their divorce proceedings is the fact they still have been seen hanging out like they are best friends and everything is all good.

Donald is technically the one who filed for divorce, so maybe the fact Shelly wants even more money is just out of spite but damn. Just goes to show you that once you are rich, you can never have enough cash.

2015 marks 60 years the couple has been married. At this point, considering their age, the divorce is a waste of time but to each their own.