Another athlete, another baby mama, another day with drama. Lance Stephenson signed a new deal this off season with the Clippers and will obviously be on the West coast alot. Back on the east coast in Brooklyn, the mother of his kids, Feby Torres, is demanding her child support payments get increased to $12,000/month but Lance’s lawyers are calling B.S. on her wants.


Feby Torres asked Judge John Fasone to up her support from $5,800 a month to $12,000 to pay a move to a bigger apartment in a safer area for her and her two kids with Stephenson, Layla, 4, and Lance Bornready Jr., one.

She wants to put both children in private school and wants to enroll in college courses herself. All of those are very understandable wants for a mother, but Lance’s lawyers are claiming she already blows her monthly payments on nonsense.

Stephenson’s lawyer, Laurence P. Greenberg, said outside of court that Torres’ Facebook page shows her travelling around the country to “cover various musical artists.” “He is willing to pay for any reasonable expense,” Greenberg said. “He loves his kids.”

The judge didn’t make a ruling, but shot down Torres’ lawyer’s request to immediately increase their temporary child support agreement so Torres could move and buy school uniforms and supplies.

More on this to come next month when the former couple are due back in court.