11 year old killed an 16 year old boy for allegedly trying to break into his home.

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An 11 year old in the St. Louis area was left home alone with his 4 year old little sister and according to the police, the 16 year old made numerous attempts to break in before the young boy fatally shot him. The incident took place Thursday afternoon.

The police were called shortly after and found the teen boy (whose name hasn’t been released as of yet) dead body, he was shot in the head. Brian Schellman, St. Louis County police SGT stated that it was the 3rd time the 16 year old tried to break into the home.

One neighbor had a different story to tell about the shooting. The woman told CNN affiliate KMOV that the teen didn’t enter the house and that both of the boys were arguing really loud on the front porch. That’s when the boy pulled out the guy and shot the teen. “They were just arguing loud you know, back and forth… He was always just sitting right there on the porch, he never did once go inside the house.”

Police are investigating why the 11 year old was left in the house with access to the gun in the 1st place. His mother is cooperating with officials and it was reported that she has the gun because of prior break in attempts.

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