Police report that a 62-year-old man was nearly killed in a dog attack by two pitbulls as neighbors attempted to intervene in the Bronx Friday morning.

Man Mauled By Two Pitbulls In The Bronx, NY, Owner Arrested

Francesco Bove said he was heading into Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Belmont Avenue and 187th Street when the dogs got off their leash and began mauling him. The attack was so violent, the priest and neighbors came outside to try and save the man.

Police said the dog’s owner, Cynthia Oliver, ordered the dogs to attack, but Francesco Bove said that wasn’t true.

A good Samaritan stood over Bove to protect him as the dogs kept up their assault, even dragging him to the curb with their teeth.

And, it’s also clear several neighbors soon jumped in, armed with hoses, chains and bats, to pull the dogs off. While they whipped the dogs away and blasted them with water, the pitbulls went after another good Samaritan, 46-year-old Emilio Ortiz.

Francesco Bove and Ortiz were transported to Saint Barnabas Hospital in stable condition.

Oliver was arrested on eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.


Man Mauled By Two Pitbulls In The Bronx, NY, Owner Arrested