The plague of the NFL is hitting hard to start the first Sunday of the season. Dion Sims of the Dolhpins was diving for a touchdown pass and ended up hitting his head and ultimately suffered a concussion. Sims apparently landed awkwardly and was motionless after the contact with the field.


This is probably one of the more scarier injuries of the day so far. In this same game, DeSean Jackson left the game after the second drive when he suffered a hamstring injury. Sims was diving for a touch down pass when he landed awkwardly and hit his head on the field. In the video below, you can watch the play and see how hard he hit the field, sliding out of bounds.

Sims Diving Catch…

According to ESPN reporter, Stephen A Smith, following Sims being motionless on the ground, he could be seen “shaking and quivering” following the play. Sims is definitely out for the rest of today’s game and I would imagine out for at least a few days during this upcoming week.

Sims was able to get on his feet after a few minutes, however.