IFWT_flag ban

23 students have been suspended from a Virginia high school after violating the school’s dress code by wearing clothing embellished with the Confederate Flag to school. The school district’s spokeswoman, Brenda Drake, has confirmed the reports to WSLS-TV stating that the students were given in school suspension after refusing to comply with the dress code when given the opportunity. She also told the station that many of the suspensions were escalated to out of school suspension after the students became disruptive.

Nae McMillan

Students at the high school were told of the changes in the school’s policy regarding the Confederate Flag prior on the first day of school starting with three students being asked to remove their Confederate Flag paraphernalia from their cars. Students were also require to sign an agreement to the new policies in order to receive their parking passes.

The display of the Confederate Flag has come under fire since the June massacre of nine innocent church goers in South Carolina by Dylann Roof, a Confederate Flag enthusiast. Many states including South Carolina, Alabama, and California have banned the flag from statehouse grounds.

Source: USA Today