Shortly after the announcement of Rick Ross’s engagement to 22-year-old former stripper, Lira Galore, her mother took to Instagram to express her excitement for her daughter who supposedly had been crushing on Rick Ross since ninth-grade. It took no time for haters to rain on Momma Galore’s parade with allegations of Ross’s cheating, but she held her own letting it be known that his infidelity is no secret to her or Lira.

Nae McMillan

After a long heartfelt post about Rick Ross’s engagement to her daughter, one follower had this to share with Momma and Lira Galore,

but he still be f***in my gf from Philly #fact guard ya heart girl

Momma Galore fired back, defending her daughter and future son in-law

lmfao he a celebrity of course that’s to be expected! TF! U think we don’t know that? As long as ya home girl gettin a wet ass while my baby getting diamonds, his heart & treated like a queen in his palace then who winning tho boo? Where your friends diamonds at?

Sounds like Momma Galore is A-Ok with Rick Ross’s cheating as long as he’s keeping her daughter laced out and feeling like a princess. What do you guys think? Comment below and tell us!

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