It seems as though it was only a couple of months ago when the news of rapper, Rick Ross and model/actress, Lira Mercer, commonly knowns as Lira Galore, dating shocked fans. Well, the pair shocked us all last night when the brunette bombshell posted pictures of a gorgeous diamond ring, one of the photos captioned, “Yes!”

Check the gallery for photos!

Genny Noel

Rick Ross and Lira Galore are engaged!

Ross and Mercer came out to the world as a couple via SnapChat. People immediately began to question on her intentions as she had been associated with other music artists over recent years.

The curvacious model was linked to Drake back in 2014 after both parties posted vacation pictures with very similar backgrounds. There was also an exchange of risqué posts that went back and forth between Mercer and Meek Mill in 2013. Let’s not leave out Justin Beiber! She was also spotted at the club celebrating Justin’s 21st birthday.

She may have kissed a couple of frogs, but Lira has finally snagged the Boss, which ironically, she predicted in 2012 (see gallery for photo).

Guess she called that one!

Model and friend to the couple, Amber Rose sent her congratulations via Instagram, posting a split screen photo of the rock sitting pretty on Lira’s left ring finger. She captioned the photo:

Congrats to my girl @lira_galore and @richforever ???? Love is a beautiful thing.

Ross is well known for his over the top pieces of jewelry and luxurious cars. We’ll be waiting to see what kind of extravagant wedding details the couple will come up with. It will surely not be the event that people will want to miss.