Last week a video surfaced online of California police officers using excessive force on a teenage boy for jaywalking. Monday, the victim 16 year-old Emilio Mayfield spoke out about in the incident. He maintains that he did nothing wrong.

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While on his way to school last week, Mayfield was stopped by Stockton Police officer who said he was in a lane only for buses. According to the police spokesperson, Mayfield refused to move and resisted arrest when the officer attempted to write him up for trespassing.

The incident lead to a horrific scene, where the officer had his baton in the teens chest. Emilio said, “His baton is toward my chest, then goes to my neck, and he was choking me,” Mayfield said. “I can hardly breathe, and I’m pushing it back.”

Police spokesperson, Joe Silva said, “If people would just comply with a lawful order from a police officer and try not to take weapons away, force wouldn’t have to be used,” he said.

Mayfield and his family are still trying to determine how they will proceed in regards to suing the Stockton PD for the way the arrest was carried out, however Emilio said he will not let this incident impact him traumatically. He said, “I see myself as a great young man, successful in school.”

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Source ABC10