(Video) California Teen Brutally Arrested For Jaywalking Speaks Out

Last week a video surfaced online of California police officers using excessive force on a teenage boy for jaywalking. Monday, the victim 16 year-old Emilio Mayfield spoke out about in the incident. He maintains that he did nothing wrong. Read more below.

(Video) 9 Police Officers Violently Arrest Crying Teen For Jaywalking

A 16 year old boy by the name of Emilio Mayfield, was on his way to school when he got stopped by a police officer for jaywalking. More of the story below…

(Video) Nine California Police Officers Brutally Arrest A Teen For Jaywalking

Police brutality has become if not the biggest, one of the biggest issues in America today. Wednesday (Sept 16) a video surfaced online of nine California police officers terrorizing a teenage boy for the simple offense of jaywalking. In the description of the video, YouTube user Edward Avendaño writes, ‘kid got stopped for “jaywalking”‘ adding, “he was 2 feet away from the sidewalk when the cop stopped him.” As a crowd begins to from, the officer uses his baton to push the teen into the landscaping, and a bystander starts to scream, “It’s a f***ing kid.” The officer continues to pin the teen down with the baton, then as he tries to sit up, the officer swings the baton twice at his face, telling him to “stop resisting.” At this point the teen is in tears and the bystander continues to scream, “Get the f*ck off of him, it’s a f*cking kid.” Read more below.

Auto(Video) This Person Deserves To Be Run Over!

You don’t need a bad case of road rage to want to beat the life out of this pedestrian. China has gained a reputation, as being the worst place regarding people jaywalking right in traffic. This video you will see a person casually walk across what looks like a pretty busy avenue. With no regards for his own life, or the life of the driver’s passing by, he continues on as if he owns the road and it is his right to just walk. If you notice the light is GREEN for traffic coming towards him. He 100% causes a truck to crash into a pole, after the driver tries to not kill the person and swerves out of the way. I am not that nice. I would of either bumped his a** with my car softly to prove a point, or politely pulled over and politely smacked his head off. I got road rage just watching, lol. Check the video after the jump.

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