IFWT_RickJames (2)

A Man Dressed Up As Rick James To Rob A Bank. Hop into the post to see if he got away! #IFWT!

A Man in Indiana dressed up as Legendary Musician Rick James before robbing a bank, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. This Rick James Impersonator did not got at it alone. He was accompanied by another man dressed up as Youngblood Priest from the ’70’s movie “Super Fly.”

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The two bank robbers reportedly entered the Indiana Members Credit Union at noon armed with guns demanding cash before leaving with an “undisclosed” amount of money. the Rick James and Youngblood impersonators robbed another bank just a few days after they hit Indiana Members Credit Union. While the man dressed as Rick James was still in full costume, the man dressed as Youngblood Priest just gave up.

Check out the news coverage below about the Man who dressed up as Rick James to Rob a Bank below and if your in Indiana and know a bank teller make sure you let them know that it can get Super Freaky Super fast and to be prepared before it’s too late. #IFWT!

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