Sounds like a case of World’s Dumbest Criminals. Find out what was the dead give away that lead to the arrest of a woman after she got caught stealing a 9,400 dollar Lois Vuitton dress. Not only was she seen on camera but check out how she basically told on herself.

35-year-old Tashuana Green faces charges and is being held on a 15 thousand dollar bond for theft. Tashauna visited a Louis Vuitton store this summer where she stole a few items in the dressing room. Although she was seen on camera , police was lead right to her Instagram. Taushana uploaded a picture of herself in the rare dress. We are still not sure if someone she knew reported to police or they were lucky enough to notice the dress.

The dress was a $ 9,400 dress and there are only about 4 made in the United States. It raised eyebrows when the picture was noticed with the rare dress. After going back through surveillance tapes the police had found their match. Tashauna was then arrested.

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