Our very own Funk Flex made a good point on his recent rant concerning #MusicStillMatters. In this generation not only do the fans, but the talent themselves worry about one thing, Gossip and Social Media. Jersey City Rapper Albee Al has been supplying the airwaves with a style of music that makes us all remember what we originally are here for, Real Hip Hop!

It is no secret to Jersey or anyone who already heard of Albee Al in the past, that he had a run in with the law and recently was released after 5 years in prison. Learning from his past and realizing from the inside of that situation that he had a gift, a talent that he needed to fulfill and stay out of trouble. After being home for only 3-4 months rapper Albee Al has 3 hit songs being played on the radio and has made important heads turn! The love he received from his city and his fans while he was away was enough to prove he was heading for greatness. Reminding us all what is truly important and missing in this industry, which is good lyrics and the love for the music. Setting the tone for the new hashtag #MusicStillMatters.

Funk Flex also went on to mention names like Nino Man who are M.C’s who are actively giving lyrics over fame. I think this is a perfect time for the industry to reflect and decipher whats important when it comes to longevity. Gossip and Social media have been playing a big part in the culture as oppose to lyrics and good music. Time to step it up and show the world #MusicStillMatters.

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