When it comes to sneakers, there is NO competition! Michael Jordan runs the world and the rest of the pack is far behind in the rearview. Jordan & Nike have done something that will forever be unmatched and the Goat knows it. At this point, MJ believes he will be remembered far more for his sneakers and brand than for anything he did while playing in the NBA.


It was already reported that Jordan made more money last year alone from his brand, than he did in his entire career as a player. MJ is not just a businessman, he is a BUSINESS…MAN! He knows the likelihood of someone else ever being able to do what he has done is probably never going to happen.

“I can’t explain it and no one can explain it,’” Jordan told USA Today Sports’ Josh Peter. “And if anybody could explain it or duplicate it, they would have done it by now.”

What Jordan finds “amazing” is that children who are far too young to have seen him in his prime on the hardwood wear Air Jordans.

“To me, it’s much bigger than Michael Jordan,” he explained.

“It’s going to outlive me in terms of what I did for the game of basketball. It’s going to be something that’s going to last for a while.”

He is accurate. The Jordan brand isn’t going anywhere! Along with Nike, they will continue to make sure there is nothing like it. Like he said, there are kids who never even saw him play and are young enough to think Lebron is the best player ever who still go crazy for Jordan sneakers. That alone speaks volumes but if you’re a little older, you know MJ’s legacy on the court will also likely never be touched.