NBA: Ben Simmons’ Future Sneaker Deal Will Reportedly Be Worth More Than $100 Million


Ben Simmons is currently at LSU trying to get his team into the NCAA tournament but next year around this same time he will be towards the end of his rookie year in the NBA and much richer thanks to his soon to be sneaker deal.

(Photo) Some Girl Ruined Her Boyfriend’s Air Jordans As Revenge For His Cheating!

IFWT_Cheating Boyfriend Revenge

Now, we all know that a pair of Jordans are not cheap! But if you are a cheater im sure you also know that being a cheater will of course cost you more! Well a woman with a purpose proved that to her man (who might be her ex man now) when she found out he was cheating and decided that his kicks would have to pay! Read more after the jump for the full story plus photos!

NBA: Michael Jordan Says He Will Be Remembered More For His Sneakers Than Anything He Did On The Court


When it comes to sneakers, there is NO competition! Michael Jordan runs the world and the rest of the pack is far behind in the rearview. Jordan & Nike have done something that will forever be unmatched and the Goat knows it. At this point, MJ believes he will be remembered far more for his sneakers and brand than for anything he did while playing in the NBA.

(Video) NFL: Draya Says Her & Orlando Are Back Together But Not Before She Destroyed His Yeezy’s


In here we go again news, Draya is claiming her and long time boyfriend/fiancée, Orlando Scandrick are back together again. She revealed the info during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood while acknowledging how she can be during arguments. Draya to her credit kept it real and admitted to being crazy and being that woman who destroys things. In this case those “things” were Orlando’s sneaker collection, including the Yeezys!

(Video) NBA: Kid At Michael Jordan’s Summer Camp Hits MJ With “What Are Those”??


Some punk kid just tried to clown the GOAT at his own summer camp but in typical MJ fashion, he had a response. The kid stood up and asked MJ “What Are Those”? and in case you have no idea what that means, its a saying that started on social media when you want to clown someone about the kicks they are wearing. Now we all know Jordan is the king of the sneaker world so the kid should have never tried.

NBA: Report, Adidas Offers James Harden $200 Million Dollars To Leave Nike!


It sounds like James Harden is about to have one hell of a summer. Sure his Rockets fell short in the Western Conference playoffs but it was still great what Harden even did to get them there. Recently he was named MVP by his fellow players at the “Players Awards” which I am sure made Steph Curry feel some type of way. Now he is about to top it all off with a mega $200 million dollar deal with Adidas.

(Photos) NBA: Ray Allen Is Hiding Free Jordans All Over The Hartford Connecticut Area


Thanks to a cool move by an NBA legend, some lucky fans got the chance to get their hands on a pair of Ray Allen’s sneakers the past few days. If you live in the Hartford, CT area, you just might find something exclusive.

TBT Kicks Edition: Nike Air Muscle Max


Let’s really take you on a blast from the past. This will really test how good your memory is. These are the Nike Air Muscle Max, a shoe that the OG sneaker heads will appreciate. Try and answer this question, when did these come out? Find out the answer and a little more after the jump.

NBA: Idiots Steal Sneakers From Kevin Durant, Get Caught Trying To Sell Them On Instagram


NBA star Kevin Durant got paid big bucks for making 24 steals this season. But prosecutors have called a foul on two New York airport employees who allegedly swiped 24 not-yet released sneakers from his Nike collection.

(Photo) Kicks: Baltimore Sneaker Store Sportsmart Gets Raided By Looters!


Baltimore sneaker store Sportsmart was raided by looters Sportsmarts owner has released these horrible images of the store after the stores attack by Baltimore looters not only did the looters take some expensive kicks but the stores sneaker surveillance cameras captured everything and now Baltimore police are looking for suspects. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of Baltimore’s Sportsmart Store Images After The Jump….

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