IFWT_Cheating Boyfriend Revenge
Now, we all know that a pair of Jordans are not cheap! But if you are a cheater im sure you also know that being a cheater will of course cost you more! Well a woman with a purpose proved that to her man (who might be her ex man now) when she found out he was cheating and decided that his kicks would have to pay!

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Kye || Instagram

An angry girlfriend just found out that her man was being a dog and did what any woman would do to a cheating dog, she went for his shoes, boom! Now if you’re are a sneaker man you know for a fact that if anyone lays a finger on your sneakers it over! Well this man can thank himself for that one because after being caught, his girlfriend went as far as taking a blue marker and writing stuff like “cheater” and “punk a** b****” on his sneakers as revenge, damn!

For the record, I am in no way condoning destroying a persons belongings but i definitely don’t agree with cheating. So hey girl, more power to you! And who knows if the couple will stay together after this one but if they do, hopefully he won’t cheat again because next time sneaker won’t cut it, and he might want to watch out for his car!

Long story short, guys… just don’t cheat! And make sure you lock those sneakers up when you leave the house lol!