Kehlani x PND

Could Kehlani and PartyNextDoor have gone their separate ways? Though the pair have never confirmed their relationship, it’s become pretty clear the singers have been dating for the latter part of the year. Unfortunately, last night, it appeared that they’ve either split or are in a pretty nasty fight.

To start, Party changed the title of his July release “Kehlani’s Freestyle” to “Things & Such” on SoundCloud, and changed the photo from a pic of her to one of himself. (This was pretty noticeable, only because it’s the second song listed on his page.) At another point – not sure if this was before or after the change – Party had posted a photo of a pretty woman on his Instagram with the caption, “21 questions,” to which Lani was spotted commenting, “F*ck you,” and, “Lmaooooooo”.

Then, Lani posted a photo with a caption along the lines of, “You lost me forever. Deal with it,” but she’s since deleted the caption. Hmm! I guess time will tell!

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