Hopsin Takes Shots At Future On “No Words”. Hop into the post for all the details and the video! #IFWT

According to Funk Volume Rapper Hopsin, Today’s generation of Hip hop artists aren’t exactly making any music that holds much value. The modern day rappers lyrics are often misunderstood and Hopsin says “they just got a hard a** f***ing beat to trick dumba**es like you to make you think you like the s***.” Unsatisfied with the modern day rap artist, Hopsin decided to put together a song titled “No Words,” a music video where he plays a rapper with dreadlocks whose lyrics are very mumbled just like many of the artists he refers to as “dumbasses.”

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After Hopsin turned up his Autotune and reverb , he proceeds to rap incomprehensible bars for nearly a minute and a half next to some girls with a Styrofoam cup like almost any music video in the past few years.

Check it out below! #IFWT Let us know what you think!

Hopsin – “No Words”