ifwt_offsetOffset, from the rap group Migos has been locked up since April 2015. He’s claiming he has been falsely accused of being a gang member and wants to be let go immediately. Read more inside

Shanelle Hines

Offset appeared in court on Friday, October 09 to try once again to persuade the judge to release him on bond. The judge denied him on bond before because of Offset’s felony record. Offset claims to be automatically looked at as a gang member just because of his affiliation with the rap group Migos.

The prosecutor said that Offset’s tattoos on his body are gang-related and clearly shows that he’s the leader of the Black Migos Gang. According to Offset, Black Migos Gang is just a record label and he is in no way affiliated in a gang.

Offset was arrested for felony drug possession and felony possession of loaded guns. Offset wants the judge to set him free as he claims to not cause any risk to society and is not apart of any gangs. Let’s hope for the best for Offset and Migos.

Source: TMZ