League sports can sometimes bend the rules. But, threatening the officials with bullets takes it too far. Greensburg, PA canceled its youth football season this year because three bullet shells appeared on the football field- all with officials names’ on them. Hit the jump to find out more.

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A game earlier in the season got canceled due to a threat. Recently, parents even got into fist fights at the games. Whether it has to do with parents living out childhood fantasies or actual quabbling over the score- really people? Is it really that serious to win? You’re not even on the roster.

At the end of the day, the children suffer because these adults are acting like children. The league had this to say to parents,

“Decisions of this magnitude are not done lightly; rather they are done with the advice of the state police, FBI, school administration and league officials. We hope that as parents you will agree with this decision and try to cooperate with everyone involved to bring forward the person or persons responsible for these actions. The league’s future and our children’s continued participation in future seasons is what is in jeopardy.”

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh