An 800-pound man has nowhere to lay his head after being removed from a hospital. Once he violated a plan, set by the hospital, they found no other choice but to give him the boot.

800-Pound Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza

Steven Assanti, 33-years-old, had been enrolled for 80 days at Rhode Island Hospital and had lost 20 pounds before it all came crashing to a halt over a pizza order. He said the hospital expelled him from the program for violating its care plan.

Now he rides in the back of an SUV while his father drives the roads of Rhode Island, looking for someone who can help.

“I was supposed to stay and lose all my weight, and get down to 550, to get the gastric bypass,” he said. “That was their plan.”

His father, Steven Veillette, said social workers are trying to arrange for his son to stay at another hospital through the weekend.

“He needs to be monitored, because if he’s on his own like he was in Fall River, he’s going to just blow up because he’s uncontrollable when he’s by himself cause he’s lonely,” says Mr. Veillette.

800-Pound Man Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza