It’s currently unclear what was going through a 25 year-old Indianapolis man’s head when he purposely crashed his girlfriend’s car into a utility pole, then proceeded to set her home on fire and dance on the roof butcher knife in hand.

According to Indianapolis authorities, after crashing the car near North Layman Avenue, he ran back to the girlfriend’s home and sat in a chair on the front lawn holding a butcher knife waiting for the police to arrive. When local police and a SWAT teams arrived at what they thought was a hostage situation, the man ran inside, set the home ablaze and reappeared on the roof….

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The boyfriend began dancing on the roof, while the fire blazed inside the home. Police were eventually able to get him down by shooting him with rubber bullets and a taser. The man was then transported to a nearby hospital.

Police will be investigating the mental state of the man and if drugs were related to this incident. The man’s girlfriend believes he was suicidal.

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