A 4-year-old is dead after a road rage incident that led to one driver opening fire on the passengers of the other vehicle. No one else was hurt in the incident.

Nae Bella Twitter

A suspect has been taken into custody following a highway shooting that left a toddler dead.

Lily Garcia, 4, was sitting in the backseat of her family’s car with her brother, 7, after their father picked them up from school when the shots were fired. Apparently the driver of the other vehicle was upset because her father may have cut him off, so in return the driver sent gunshots through the Garcia family’s back windshield, killing Lily in the process.

No one else was hurt in the tragedy, and the driver did not remain on the scene. Shortly after the shooting Albuquerque police officers asked for the community’s assistance in capturing the culprit; the mayor even put out a $10K reward for info that would lead to an arrest. Many have come forward with leads leading to the arrest of one man, although officials cannot say with certainty that they have the right guy.

“We have at least two search warrants we need to serve in order to gather enough evidence to take him from person of interest to suspect. Once those warrants are served and we gather the appropriate evidence, we will make his identity available as quickly as possible,”

police spokesman Tanner Tixier told reporters.

Terrible that a innocent child had to be caught in the crossfire of something completely out of her control. The next step is to prevent this from happening again: road rage is real and you never know who you’re dealing with on the road, so drive safely!