This might be one of the most entertaining beefs we’ve seen thus far.

Jersey’s own Fetty Wap has the world on his shoulder, yet he unfortunately has to deal with personal family drama just like the rest of us.

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A quick break-down of Fetty’s life real quick:

He has two baby moms. His son’s mother is his high school sweetheart named Ariel and his second, who is the mother of his newborn baby girl, is named LeZhae. He and Ariel are amazing at co-parenting and are very close as friends. Now Fetty has had a girlfriend named Yaya for quite some time and basically had an “oops” baby with LeZhae. They were never together or really had anything serious.

Now that you’re all caught up with that, let’s get back to the beef. Lezhae tried to come for Fetty’s entire life on Facebook but his sister, Divinity, was NOT with the sh*ts at all. Both his sister and BM #2 began going at it back and forth, and things started to get extremely messy and personal.

Check out the entire drama in the gallery.

This is some real life Jersey/ Paterson type situation. Ah, gotta love my state.