The search for El Chapo is still going on! Chapo escaped prison in July and has been on the run since then. Cops have reportedly been one step closer to finding him and the lead was A MONKEY!

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Sources say a Mexican drug lord was almost caught last week on a remote mountain. El Chapo reportedly suffered injuries to his face and also his leg as he got away. The police found the hideout by tracking down a monkey that reportedly is the pet of Chapo’s 4 year old daughter. Chapo had daughters get rid of pet monkey once he escaped which made the daughters really upset.

Chapo allegdly had someone go back and fetch the monkey but someone f*cked up big time by going and filing legal papers to have the monkey be able to fly on a plane. These papers are what lead police to find out that the monkey was being deliverd to El Chapo. The police closed in on Chapo getting ready to arrest him but failed! Recently six people have been apprehnded as they were believed to have assisted Chapo on his escape.

Chap’s brother-in-law has also been suspected in assisting also. As many as 23 prison officials have been arrested in connection to the escape. They helped with the construction of the escape tunnel as well as organizing transportation for Chapo.

It is unclear as to whether the monkey was taken into custody also. Chapo just may soon win the title for the best escaper.