Video emerges of the U.S led ISIS raid that freed 70 hostages and took the life of one American soldier earlier in the week. See the video after the jump.

New video has been obtained and shows the allied U.S led Kurd aided raid against the Islamic State in a strongheld prison in Hawijah, Iraq. U.S Army Special Operations Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler is the first American to be killed in combat against our battle with ISIS, and the first service member to die since our war with Iraq culminated in 2011.

The footage was collected from Kurdish military officials, which was filmed by a soldier on a helmet-camera during the raid. The video shows the hostages hurrying to safety in their bloodied prison wear, as U.S and Kurdish military personnel aid them towards rescue.

As the raid was being conducted, you can hear in the video heavy and constant gunfire sounding off around the building, as the hostages were facing inevitable mass execution. The northern Iraqi prison was taken over by U.S Delta Force and Kurdish Pershmerga special forces, hundreds of kilometers southeast of Mosul.

ISIS has been the main target of U.S led airstrikes in Syria and Iraq for the past year. In the battle against the Islamic State, there have been 3 casualties thus far. Our own Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, a Canadian soldier who was killed by friendly fire back in March, and one Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who was executed in January.

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Frankie Zingaropoli