Although many may (or may not have) been wondering what happened to the Florida rapper Trick Daddy, who was a huge hip-hop sensation in the early 2000’s, he hasn’t stop hustlin’ to try and make financial profits for him and his family; he’s out here entering the cooking scene! Whether you like the guy or not, he’s not giving up on making assets no matter what, Trick Daddy just launched a Kickstarter for his very own line of spices (Or actually, as he refers to it, a “Trickstarter”). Maybe his resilience and entrepreneurship will inspire you, check out exactly what he’s planing on doing.

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The last we’ve heard of the Florida rapper was in an unflattering light but it’s great to see him bounce back on his feet to get up on the ground upright and running. Trick Daddy ensures you that his spices will complement your cooking “with a dirty South flavor in every bite.” The spice line includes Chicken Salt — which is actually vegan — Cajun Seasoning, and Jamaican Jerk. “B***h I Got My Pots!” is the name of the line and they come in a variety of flavors including the ones mentioned prior. Wait there’s more, he’s intimating pledge rewards for the product too, ranging from an apron emblazoned with the slogan “Bitch I Got My Pots” to even a Skype session with Trick Daddy himself — or even the chance to attend a barbecue at his house, talk about a lituation. So who’s down to cook the Trick Daddy way?