(Video) Homeless Man Gets Blessed With A Nice Big Plate Of Food

There truly are some good people in this world. In a video, we see a homeless man getting blessed with a huge plate of food. This truly made me happy! He was more than excited to have the food.

Shake Shack & It’s Food Poisoning Conspiracy.

Shake Shack might be a no go as a food spot after a few reviews. Either that or all this might just be a conspiracy?

Subway Lovers Outraged That $5 Footlongs Will Now Be $6; Effective Immediately!

Subway fans across the nation are outraged that their beloved $5 subs that made the chain famous will be $6 starting Feb. 4, 2016. The company took to Twitter to share the news of the switch and even responds the harsh feedback from unhappy campers. See the announcement after the jump!

Freddie Gibbs Evaluates Different Foods He Enjoys While Being Stoned

Freddie Gibbs is a big weed smoker. So big that the rapper has his own strain of weed! In a recent interview, Gibbs talks about some of the foods he likes to eat while he’s under the influence. Hit the jump for more.

ALL Chipotle Locations Set To Close For One Day

Chipotle is going through a strew of problems, after it was discovered they had an extreme E.coli outbreak a couple of months back. Now, they’re set to shut down ALL of their locations – but don’t freak…it’s only for one day. In a recent letter from Chipotle’s CEO Steven Ells, the company takes full responsibility for the outbreaks and announced that they will use the day to meet to discuss solutions for moving forward. They also plan to give out double the free food, hoping to entice customers back to them. The shut down will take place on February 8.

(Video) Trick Daddy On A New Hustle: Food Seasoning!

Although many may (or may not have) been wondering what happened to the Florida rapper Trick Daddy, who was a huge hip-hop sensation in the early 2000’s, he hasn’t stop hustlin’ to try and make financial profits for him and his family; he’s out here entering the cooking scene! Whether you like the guy or not, he’s not giving up on making assets no matter what, Trick Daddy just launched a Kickstarter for his very own line of spices (Or actually, as he refers to it, a “Trickstarter”). Maybe his resilience and entrepreneurship will inspire you, check out exactly what he’s planing on doing.

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