Freddie Gibbs is a big weed smoker. So big that the rapper has his own strain of weed! In a recent interview, Gibbs talks about some of the foods he likes to eat while he’s under the influence. Hit the jump for more.

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Freddie Gibbs on White Castle:

Growing up, when I’d get high, I’d get White Castle, my boy. Why you think Harold and Kumar there? That motherfucker is addictive. But you gotta leave that shit plain or add a little bit of mustard—you only put shit like ketchup on regular burgers. With White Castle sliders you gotta keep it G. I don’t know why they don’t have one in L.A. If I open a White Castle on the West Coast, that shit would slay like a crack house. White Castle, if you’re reading this interview, fuck with ya boy. Let’s open up a White Castle here in L.A.

On Harold’s Fried Chicken in Chicago:

Love it. I’ll smash a whole six-piece wings if I’m blown as hell. I could eat two six-pieces if I get on my fat-man shit. It’s the way they fry it. It’s just good fried chicken. A lot of people don’t say it’s the best, and it might not be the best fried chicken, but it’s the way they do it, the way it’s served, and the way it’s packaged—you know what I mean? The whole shebang. It’s just nostalgic. It’s Harold’s man. Chicken and fries and bread covered in sauce—I don’t want to go nowhere else.

On Portillo’s:

Classic. Amazing. You can get anything you want there: burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef. [Portillo’s is] all that good corner-stand food that makes up Chicago. Shout out to Portillo’s. I live in L.A., but I drive an hour and a half to the one in Orange County all the time.

On Dairy Queen Blizzards:

You could put [literal] shit in a Blizzard and it would taste good—it’s the only thing that’ll get me to eat Oreos. It’s crazy. Dairy Queen is underrated—period. They have good food, too, on the low. We had a Dairy Queen in our neighborhood, on 14th [Ave.] and Virginia [St.], so I salute Dairy Queen. When they left, we cried. It was right smack dead in the hood. My whole family worked there: my auntie, my uncles, and we would smash at Dairy Queen. An ice-cream cone was an after-school snack. A Dilly Bar? What you know about Dilly Bar? Or a Peanut Buster Parfait? You need to live off ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Freddie Gibbs also said during the interview that he’s not a fan of Oreo’s, Doritos, and Fruit Punch Gatorade.