Lately, it’s been looking like Justin Bieber is getting more and more tired of being celebrity; it looks like he can’t even enjoy his life anymore and he’s literally becoming a ticking time bomb, it’s only a matter of time before he explodes… We get to see this time bomb get closer and closer to going off when he just spazzes in this France while he’s getting lunch with a friend outside his hotel.

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Justin is indeed known as one of the coolest guys when it comes to showing respect and love for the people closest to him in his life but just like all of us, he’s human and can take only so much. Bugatti Beibs of course made headlines again, having trouble controlling his anger. Justin Bieber went off in Europe again … this time, flipping a chair and storming out of a restaurant. Bieber was in Cannes, France getting lunch with a friend outside his hotel and something sets him off. An annoyed Bieber stands up, he makes the grand exit and flips his chair and walks the hell out – no questions asked. If you were wondering though: his friend did scoop up the check. As He stormed off, he walked past a waiter carrying a tray of drinks who stared after him, and was completely startled at the star’s behavior. There was much speculation as to why my dude would just go off like that, some say he may have been ticked off by the fans filming … but Bieber was quick to try and dismiss the rumors, saying right on Twitter, “My buddy had just told me some bad personal news. Just took pics with a buncha beliebers. I must of been mad at them. lol” yeah… so uhm, what do you guys think? I mean he’s human, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad, what’s your thoughts?

Source: TMZ