Another day another victim. Two Louisiana officers get charged with the murder of a six year old boy and attempted murder on his father in a mysterious police chase. More after the jump.

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Officers Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford were charged earlier this week with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder in the slaying of six year old boy Jeremy Mardis. Mardis was hit consecutively with five bullets in the head and chest as the two officers were in hot pursuit of his father’s car Tuesday morning.

The boy’s father, Chris Few, was unarmed in the police chase and it is unclear as to what initiated the car chase in Marksville, Louisiana. Few had an outstanding warrant, which could serve to a possible but not probable cause in the incident. Eighteen shots were reported to be fired between the two guns wielded by the two officers.

Megan Dixon, Few’s fianceé, stated:

“I don’t know what he was thinking, I don’t know why he wouldn’t just stop. He didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Louisiana State Police Col. Michael Edmonson additionally expressed his heartfelt words for the press on the situation:

“Jeremy Mardis, 6 years old; he didn’t deserve to die like that. We took some of the body cam footage. I’m not gonna talk about it, but I’m gonna tell you this- it is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen and I will leave it at that.”

Few is currently hospitalized as the investigation for the motive continues.