Tsk Tsk. Bill Cosby is on the negative end of another defamation lawsuit. Kristina Ruehli is playing follow the leader behind Andrea Constand who filed suit in 2005, and more recently, Janice Dickinson-Cosby has been ordered to give testimony in Dickinson’s defamation suit-as women who doesn’t like to be called liars.

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According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Ruehli claims that Cosby questioning her honesty, or at least insinuating that she is a liar, is grounds for defamation. What’s she accused of lying about; the same exact thing that 50+ other women are allegedly lying about.

Ruehli says that in 1965, Cosby invited the then secretary at a talent agency to a party at his house. Of course, she excepted, however, when she arrived at his house, the place was damn near an empty space. He’s given her two drinks that knocked her out cold. When she had awaken, she did so with his eggplant-yes, that eggplant-in her face.

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Apparently, Ruehli was by Constand’s side in 2005, when she had filed suit. It isn’t clear as to how much Ruehli is asking for.

IJS: Again, one thing that I wonder is why these women take forever and a day to take action. This man allegedly assaulted you in 1965! You wait FIFTY years to come clean and try to sue him after you have seen another lady file suit. Get your own defense strategy. Something is not right.