The New York Jets will face the Buffalo Bills tomorrow night for Thursday Night Football.  In true Rex Ryan fashion, the former Jets coach now Bills coach made IK Enemkpali, the former teammate who broke Geno Smith’s jaw during training camp, a captain for the game.  Smith said he wasn’t surprised at all by the move and also finally opened up about the incident.

“I didn’t owe him,” Smith told Newsday, refuting reports that their argument stemmed from his refusal to pay Enemkpali $600 he owed. “No. That’s the biggest misconception in America.”

It was widely reported that Enemkpali was upset because he had paid for a plane ticket for Smith to attend his July 11 football camp in his hometown of Pflugerville, Texas. Smith didn’t show up because of a personal matter, and resentment lingered the longer the debt went unpaid. Tempers flared Aug. 11 when Enemkpali reportedly “demanded” that Smith give him his refund.

But Tuesday, in the midst of all the captain chatter, Smith denied there is a debt. Asked why he never set the record straight before, he said: “Because I don’t make statements. I don’t owe anybody anything.”

“It’s nothing that has to be explained. The story’s already written,” Smith said. “I’m not here to make statements about that. I’m really not. I’m more focused on football. I have a normal life that I live. I’m not worried about IK.”

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