U.S. National Park plans to kill 1,000 buffalo/bison in Yellowstone park this winter. They blame one specific state’s laws against buffalo roaming freely. Hit the jump to find out which state.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

Montana is sick of buffalo/bison roaming freely. So, they passed laws against it. Keep in mind, buffalo in Montana are like deer in the tristate.

“If there was more tolerance north of the park in Montana for wildlife, particularly bison as well as other wildlife, to travel outside the park boundaries, it wouldn’t be an issue,” commented Yellowstone spokeswoman Sandy Snell-Dobert.

Stephanie Adams with the National Parks Conservation Association said, “until there’s more room for bison to range beyond park boundary, we’re going to have to rely on larger numbers of bison being sent to slaughter.” Since the 1980s, more than 6,000 buffalo have been killed.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock proposed letting buffalo roam all over Yellowstone if less than 3,500 exist. However, he has not followed up on this promise. Essentially, this would turn Yellowstone into more of an animal preserve than a national park. Moreover, it would massacre the buffalo population while pretending to save it.

Source: Fox