Kanye West career has a lot of highs, some lows, and more highs. When he dropped the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it was definitely one of the highs of his career. Hit the jump for more.

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Before MBDTF came out, Kanye had not dropped a rap album since Graduation in 2007. In between the two albums, Kanye broke up with his long term girlfriend Alexis Phifer, and his mother passed away from complications during surgery.

Kanye then dropped 808s and Heartbreaks, which he didn’t rap one line. The album was still amazing, but rap fans still wanted Mr. West to rap!

Fast forward, and Kanye was back spitting again. Yeezy then created the Good Friday series, in which he dropped a new song every Friday. The industry soon followed suit, with other artist copying the Chicago rapper with dropping a track once a week(i.e. Timberland Thursdays).

Finally, Kanye dropped MBDTF, with a film to go with it! Ye and many others claimed it was a perfect rap album. Blogs and fans across the world gave the album two thumbs up, and if you play the album today, it sounds like it just came out this year. That’s how ahead Kanye is when it comes to making music.

Watch the Runaway film below to reminisce about how good this album was.