Like the Title of one of his recently performed hit singles, it’s no doubt about it Diddy has been “Workin”! Sean “Diddy” Combs shows the world yet again, what it means to be an entrepreneur and a smart business man. Just in time for Black Friday, Sean John launches an all new line of clothing with the worlds favorite Jamal from empire Jussies Mollett.

The Sean John has been with Macy’s for quite a while now which we already know will make a killing for Black Friday, The marked down sale prices weren’t the only bait! They chose a model for the clothing that was a sure way to get everyone’s attention. Singer and Actor Jussies Mollett of Empire showed off his modeling skills to the world as Diddy showed him and a few other people off to the world as the models for the Sean John line for Macys.

Diddy’s beautiful daughters as well as his son Quincy were also models for the Sean John Fashion show. It was good to see Diddy in his glory as he told the world through hashtags he was sent here to motivate you! Aside from the fashion pictures Diddy posted a sentimental picture of him and rapper Mase when Sean John clothing line was just a dream. A dream for Sean Combs that is still alive and kicking now in 2015.

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