Welp, it won’t happen this season but Lebron James is still holding out hope that he will play on a team like the Bulls from 95-96 and win at least 70 games. That team as you know went 72-10 en route to the best season in NBA history. I doubt Lebron will ever be part of a team like that before he retires but he can dream.


The Golden State Warriors are currently 16-0 this year and have the best chance of any team since 1996 to maybe hit that magic number of 70 wins. There is still alot of basketball left and many things can happen, but you have to have real talent to do it, which the Warriors have. Lebron is also aware you need the talent to make it happen.

You’ve got to have talent, man. You gotta have talent. You gotta have talent. That’s the No. 1 thing,” he said. “No matter if you’ve got the greatest system in the world, you gotta have talent to be able to equalize that and execute that. But I don’t know. It’d have been great to be on a team to win 70 games, it’s just another feat in your career.”

The Cavs certainly have talent, but a lot of it is currently wounded. If it sounds as if James has already punted on the idea of winning 70 games this season, it’s because he likely has. James has been irritated by the Cavs’ uneven start to the season and held a players-only meeting after Wednesday’s loss to the Toronto Raptors, ESPN reported.

The loss dropped the Cavs to 11-4, still the best mark in the East, but they’re “only” on pace to win 60 games. Seventy already seems out of the question, which illustrates how difficult it is to do and why only the Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, were able to get there.

Almost as important as talent, is keeping a team healthy. Part of the reason the Warriors are on their epic run is because they really haven’t faced any adversity regarding injuries all of last year or this one. It’s cool to hear Bron be honest and say he wants to be part of something special like that rather than just the usual PC comments about winning in general. The fact he plays in the east makes hitting the 70 number a little easier but he will need an entire season of a healthy Kyrie & Kevin Love.