Earlier this year when RM Auctions – the world’s largest auction house of collection cars – branded in partnership with Sotheby’s to form RM Sotheby’s, some form of collaboration was highly anticipated. Now, it’s here with the showcasing and auctioning of vintage 1956 Ferrari 290 Mille Miglia. Check the photos after the jump.

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Approaching December 10, the new found partnership of RM Sotheby’s will host it’s inaugural Driven By Disruption sale at Sotheby’s in New York. There will be a highly curated collection of 30 investment-grade automobiles, displaying a showcase of “extremes of motoring history”.

The 1956 Ferrari 290 MM by Scaglietti is one of the world’s most valuable and historically important cars, and is set to be featured in the collection. The classic was designed specifically for five-time World Champion and racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio, for his competition in the 1956 MM (Mille Miglia).

The rare collectible car is an ex-work and is set to bring in RM Sotheby’s between $28M – $32M at auction. The historical and record-setting automobile is expected to break all previous world records.

Check the gallery for photos of the vintage collectible and other pocket-emptiers set to grace the showroom as well.

Think any big celebs are going to cash in?? This has Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s name all over it!!