Look Out Ferrari! The Ford GT is Back & Ready To Race at LeMans


The Ford GT is BACK!

For us old school journalists, we recall the glory days of the Ford GT dominating at LeMans races in the sixties, the forward thinking GT90 concept in the nineties and the Camilo Pardo designed GT40 in 2002. Well, the motorheads at Ford have done it once again! 600HP, seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox nestled inside a carbon fiber tub! Nuff said!

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(Photo) Chief Keef Cops A New Whip For His Infant Son ! And Its Better Then Yours !

Chief Keef Sons Car

Chief Keef Gets A New Car For His Infant Son For New Years ! And This Ain No Fisher Price !
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Casper Smart Walks Away From J-Lo Relationship With No $$ But Only WHAT?!

J Lo x Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez and her young boy toy Casper Smart recently decided to call it quits and go their separate ways. As a result of the relationship coming to an end, Casper is not receiving any money but he IS going to be able to keep two motorcycles, a jeep and a Dodge Ram truck. However, according to sources– Casper didn’t want J-Lo to give him any $$ to help him get back on his feet (and she didn’t plan to, anyways.) Casper claims he’s “too much of a man” to accept any type of financial assistance from his 20 year+ ex-lover. More power to you, bro!

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(Photo) Oh Hey! Check Mr. Bean Out And His Whip Game!

Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson

Remember Mr Bean? He may not have been the coolest character to be but being Rowan Atkinson, the actor who portrays Mr Bean, may just be the man when it comes to his cars.

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Paul Walker’s Car Collection Is For Sale?!

IFWT_Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s large car collection is for sale, but his name is not being used on the cars in order to sell them. Find out why after the jump!

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Boxing: Mayweather Giving Away Tickets To May 3rd Fight with Airfare & Hotel! Just Caption This Video…


Wanna go see Floyd Mayweather fight on May 3rd?! Well this may be your opportunity to do it — and for free! Floyd took to Twitter/Instagram last night to announce a contest — and it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is be creative and caption this video that Mayweather shared. Can’t hurt to give it a try.
Check it out…

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Chuck Inglish Talks Hip Hop, Cars And Details His Obsession!


As Chuck Inglish’s recently released, ‘Convertibles’ continues to gain popularity, HipHopDx caught up with The Cool Kid, to discuss his debut album! Inglish discussed his obsession with cars being influenced by growing up in the ‘Motor City’, Detroit Michigan, the undying relationship between Hip Hop and cars, as well as his later piece. Check out his full response below!

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(PHOTO) NBA: Dwyane Wade Cops TWO Dope Cars!


Life is good for Dwyane Wade.  Check out the two new rides he just copped and showed off on Instagram…

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Big K.R.I.T Gives Explanation Behind Album Title “Cadillactica”


As BiG K.R.I.T prepares to deliver his Sophmore album he sat down with XXL and unveiled the influence behind his unique album title, “Cadillactica,” which to no coincidence, had much to do with his passion for the cadillac model car. Hit the jump to see exactly where the southern gent is trying to take you with his next project!

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Crazy: Off Duty Cop Does WHAT On Freeway???

nyc freeway

Another one of NYC’s finest was busted for drunk driving the wrong way on the southern state parkway. Not only was he driving the drunk way on the southern state parkway but he also smashed into five other cars on the freeway. And the NYPD is suppose to be protecting us but seems like they can’t keep their own house in order. Check out more on this story.


State Police said Ronald Holmes, 48, of Elmont, was driving his Mazda MPV east on one of the Long Island roadway’s westbound lanes at 1:45 a.m. when he slammed into the oncoming vehicles by Exit 17 near Hempstead Ave.

Thankfully only one person was hurt in the accident and suffered minor injuries. The 20 year veteran cop was charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, Reckless driving, and many other traffic violations. This cop needs to be taken off the street asap because obviously he has issues going on that need to be worked out before. This police officer has been suspended without pay.

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