Lana Del Rey has been having a tough week…first one of her Jaguars was stolen, than someone to tried to break into her home…than the same car-jacker came back for her brand new 2015 Jaguar! The “Ride” singer really needs to upgrade her security detail before something else is next…full story after the jump.

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Police reports state that on November 15, Lana’s 2013 Jaguar XK convertible was stolen right from under her nose in her own house, while the “gangster Nancy-Sinatra” singer was away for a few days. The jack-ee was later identified as Icess (how ironic) Floyd, who wound up getting the luxurious car impounded.

One wasn’t enough for Floyd, when she returned for a second time – this time coming to take Lana’s 2015 F-Type Jaguar for a joy ride. Floyd was finally caught in an outstanding traffic warrant and had Lana’s other whip impounded too. The perp was charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of felony joy-riding, and both of Lana’s precious Jaguars have been returned unscathed.

In addition to this, a 19-year old man was found camping in Lana’s garage, near a construction worker on site at the 30-year old singer’s California home.

The man fled as cops arrived to the scene, but was tracked down a day later. He did leave behind some belongings including a laptop – which suggested he had a “spiritual connection” to Del Rey. The 19-year old stole one of Lana’s books and was charged with felony burglary. LOL.