(Video) Mother Turns Her Son In After She Catches Him With A Stolen Wallet

Lakesha Robinson called the police on her 15-year-old son Chris Salters. Robinson says her son broke into a truck and stole someone’s cell phone and wallet. The boy told his mother that a friend had gave it to him but she was not buying any of that.

Man Arrested After Stealing Jewelry From Drake’s Tour Bus

Travion King, has now been arrested after police found a briefcase on him containing the missing jewelry from Drake’s tour bus. The jewelry belonged to Drake’s tour DJ.

(Video) Teens Make A Video Inside Of A Stolen Car With A Stolen iPhone Not Realizing It Got Sent To The Owner

This was funny and stupid at the same time. Two teens make a rap video inside of a stolen car and also with a stolen iPhone. The funny part is it got sent to the owners iCloud. Roy Grady’s wife, Joyce, borrowed a silver BMW from her boss after her car broke down. She was low on gas when she asked her son to take the car to a Miami gas station.

Lana Del Rey Got TWO Of Her Luxury Jaguars Stolen This Week

Lana Del Rey has been having a tough week…first one of her Jaguars was stolen, than someone to tried to break into her home…than the same car-jacker came back for her brand new 2015 Jaguar! The “Ride” singer really needs to upgrade her security detail before something else is next…full story after the jump.

Radioactive Materials Stolen From Area 54 Nuke Lab

Breaking Bad…is real? A bunch of radioactive materials were stolen from a designated Nuke laboratory this week. Find out what happened below.

Apple Employee Caught Scamming $1M In Gift Cards!

This guy….so if you’re an Apple employee and you’re looking for extra benefits, this is probably NOT the way!! a Former Apple Employee Caught Scamming an Apple store, took it upon himself to scam using the Apple gift cards to racked up $997K in fraudulent purchases, and it only took him 3 months!!

What In The World?! New Jersey Man Hides Stolen .25 Caliber Gun In His Anal Cavity

21 year old Darquan R. Lee stole a pistol and allegedly hid it in a very awkward place which caused cops to add more charges against him. Read the whole story after the jump!

Two-9 Rapper Says Drake’s “6 God” Beat Was Originally His, But The Producer Says Otherwise

Last week, Two-9 rapper, Jace took to Twitter to let it be known that Drake’s now popular “6 God” as well as the “I’m Tellin” beats originally belonged to him. He followed up the, “Real 6ix god boy” tweet with samples of his unfinished version of the song, however, “6 God” producer, Syk Sense says that Jace never have claims on the beat. “I don’t know why Jace put it on Twitter like that, because I was in the studio the night he did it and we had a conversation. I said, ‘Don’t put it out there that Drake stole it, because he didn’t,’” Syk told AllHipHop. “Drake had that beat first.”

Kanye West’s Laptop Stolen; Thief Creates Twitter To Taunt Him & Leak Info

This could get pretty messy. Kanye West’s laptop has been stolen in Paris, and the alleged thief has already created a Twitter account to taunt Yeezy and co., as well as leak some info. According to the culprit in question, there will be a Nike x adidas collab happening in 2016. He also tweeted an adidas employee, writing:

[email protected] these ideas for 2016 is pretty smart, why does the numbers jump from YZY 3 til 5 though? No 4? Or is this diagram nike collab?

NBA: Report, Steph Curry Had His Sneakers For All Star Weekend Stolen

Steph Curry was all set to debut two unreleased colorways of the Curry One, his signature shoe with Under Armour, during NBA All-Star Weekend’s Saturday night festivities. That plan seemed easy enough. That is, until the sneakers were stolen.

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