Just three weeks ago a 15-year old girl vanished from her home. She has been rescued after being taken by a man she met online. Actor Nicolas Cage helped promote the girl’s return.

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Christopher David Schroeder was arrested and charged with production of child pornography and statutory rape after he allegedly took the young girl from her home. Ohio Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty said during a press release,

“The facts will show that this young woman was exploited in a brutal and shocking manner by a man old enough to be her father.”

The young girl disappeared on November 8. She was taking the family dog outside in Brooklyn, Ohio. Her stepsister went to look for her when she found the dog but not the girl.

Nicolas Cage was in Lorain County, Ohio, shooting for his new movie when he heard about the girl. He was able to meet the father of the missing girl as he also held up a missing picture of her to support.

The young girl’s mother found a social media page belonging to her daughter. Upon finding it, she immediately called police. A message from the kidnapper came up saying,

“I haven’t hurt her, I don’t plan on it, but she keeps crying.”

Police used the IP address on the computer to track the girl. She was found at Schroeder’s Missouri home. McGinty said,

“Evidence shows this girl was being groomed by this guy through social media. [They had been] talking two weeks prior to her disappearance. She said when they got on the highway, he forced her to take the sim card out of her phone and throw it out the window, so tracking her at that point was impossible. He knew what he was doing.”

Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Mielke, said during a press conference that even though the girl did leave voluntarily, she still could have been in a great deal of danger.

“She got herself into something she hadn’t bargained for. Had she been out there too long, who knows what would have happened.”

The girl says she was told not to tell anyone in Missouri her name. She was even told to change her hair and to also lose weight. She reportedly saw guns in the home which made her afraid. Schroeder said he believed that the girl was 18.

McGinty said,

“This pervert probably figured that once he had spirited this little girl out of Ohio and back to Missouri that he was home free. Well, he was very wrong.”

The father of the girl says that he believes the social media awareness following the picture Cage took had a lot to do with the return of his child.

Source: HuffingtonPost