In the beginning or rap, an artist could be lit in one city, and not lit in the next. Spotify proves that even in todays rap game, that hasn’t competely changed. Hit the jump to see the most uniquely popular songs in different cities based on Spotify data.

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Since the early 2000s, rap music is being consumed completely different because of the internet. In the past radio controlled everything! This caused artist to be hot in one region, but unknown in another. Jadakiss could be super hot in New York, and not too hot in California. However, after the internet everything changed. The rap game became a global game, with even British rappers like Skepta being able to tour in the United States. Well, with data provided by Spotify, it proves that some rappers are still very popular in one region, and not as hot in the next.

This is how Spotify was able to find the results.

First we determine the most distinctly popular songs in each city as compared to the listening habits of the rest of the world (in this case, global superstars would be weeded out of the mix as they’re popular everywhere). Then, within the 100 most distinctly popular songs we look for the top hip-hop/rap track within each city.

The results for most cities were unknown artist nationally, but if we go to their particular cities, the artist is most likely very popular.

Hit the gallery to see each cities most uniquely popular song.