Big Sean had his chain snatched so to speak, in a burglary on his California home while he was on business in Dubai. But, that’s not all the thieves took – including an idea that’s leaving the “IDFWU” rapper to believe someone on the inside did the job! Hit the jump for the full story.

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While Big Sean was touring the United Arab Emirates last week with his camp and family, back home there was some trouble in dark sky paradise. Thieves reportedly broke into his home, stole about $150,000 worth of jewelry, and also took some of his unpublished music from a sealed vault. Sounds like something out of a movie and now some lucky people are bumping to some new Big Sean music — watch out for leaks !!

Authorities are believing that the plot was a set-up, as the perpetrators designed a “beeline” to carry out the mini-vault in timely mannered – well-executed plan.

This seems to be becoming a trend of sorts for celebrities to get their lux goodies stolen, as just this week Lana Del Rey had two of Jaguars stolen and taken for joyrides.

Back in July, Chris Brown’s home was also burglarized while he wasn’t there, as his aunt was held at gunpoint and stuffed in a closet. Police also believe that was an inside job as thieves got away with stolen goods, money, and valuables.

These guys really need to watch who they trust and tighten up their security with all that money they earn!!