Last night during TNT’s coverage of “Inside The NBA”, Charles Barkley was asked to share his thoughts on the presidential race, more specifically the Republican side of things. Chuck started to talk about Donald Trump and criticize him for the way he is trying to win the race. Everything seemed normal until Barkley decided to attack CNN and their coverage of the republican debates. CNN is under the same umbrella as TNT as part of Turner broadcasting so it is going to be interesting to see if there is any fallout from this.


Barkley spoke how he really felt, which is no surprise there and it is not the first time he attacked something that he is affiliated with. I realize some people don’t like to hear him talk all the time but this was a very interesting topic.

“CNN has done an awful job this election, an awful job,” he said. “They have followed ratings and sound bytes this entire cycle…I love CNN, they’re part of our company, but they’ve been kissing butt, chasing ratings. I mean, they have become like Fox News for the Republicans, to be honest with you. They follow every single sound byte just to get ratings for their debates and it’s been sad and frustrating that our company has sold their soul for ratings.”

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