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Kobe Bryant has devoted his life to the game of basketball, joining the league straight out of high school and playing 20 long seasons.  The Black Mamba is now gearing up for retirement and many wonder what he will do after he finally hangs up his jersey.  Will he become a broadcaster or an NBA coach?  Well if he wants to do the latter, he’ll have to run it by his wife Vanessa Bryant, according to her BFF Monica.

Singer Monica is married to Shannon Brown who used to be teammates with Kobe on the Lakers.  Monica and Shannon and Kobe and Vanessa are all close friends.  TMZ Sports caught up with Monica and asked her what she thought about Kobe retiring.  She says it’s great after he’s given so much of his life to the game.

When asked if Kobe should coach, she says he’ll have to run it by Vanessa first.  Monica has a point; retiring will give Kobe the chance to spend more time with his family, if he decides to coach, it’s back to that hectic lifestyle again.  That’s definitely something he’ll have to run by his wife.

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