Two mourning families want answers after a young college student and a mother of five were killed after answering the door for Chicago police officers in response to a domestic dispute.

Nae Bella | Twitter

19-year-old victim, Quintonio Legrier, reportedly developed a mental illness this past September which may have been the cause of his disturbance that ultimately claimed his life. In a news interview his mother told reporters that her son, who was her only child, was not a violent person and that not every person is a “thug”. Legrier was a honor student at the Northern Illinois University with a major in engineering.

The second shooting victim, Bettie Jones, lived in the same building as Legrier. According to her daughter she was shot by police after simply answering the door. Jones was a mother of five and described as a pleasant women. See her daughter’s heartbreaking interview below.

These are the first of multiple police involved shooting in Chicago TODAY.So far the police haven’t had much to say about the shooting. This is one of many tragedies we’ve seen regularly this year. What do you think about police’s role in this shooting? Let us know in the comments!