Last week we heard of Shy Glizzy allegedly getting robbed for his chain. Glizzy then cleared the air saying that he was not robbed. He says that the chain was found on the floor. Cartel Business, a group who have the chain have recently dropped a Shy Glizzy diss where they call the chain their “Hood Trophy.”

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The video shows the group demanding that they get $20,000 for the chain. At the beginning of the video, YRNCasino, one of the group’s members, sends a DM to Glizzy which read,

“This is our city. You came to the city. You[‘re] disrespecting, you[‘re] [going to] live how you live.”

The squad says they are willing to negotiate between $10,000 -$20,000. Whether or not Glizzy agrees or not is up to him.

“Other than that we[‘re] [going to] keep it. It’s a hood trophy. It’s the city, you heard me.”

Source: VladTv