IFWT_King Louie
After being shot in the head about a week or so ago, King Louie is now up and able to talk. Louie was sitting in a car when he was shot. During a recent interview, he says that he believes his OVO owl tattoo is the reason that he is still alive today.

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Louie said had the bullet hit where his tattoo is on his body, he would have died.

“The owl saved my life. See where I got shot at? If it would’ve hit me where the owl was, I would’ve died probably. I told Drake on the Gram [Instagram] like, ‘Bro, the owl saved my life.'”

Louie then started to talk about how while at the hospital, his lady started to see owls all around, like the owl was his guardian angel of some sort.

“My old lady was watching hella sh*t while I was in the hospital. It was hella owls just popping up. For real, for an hour straight, I just kept seeing every show full of owls. We would turn the show, we would keeps seeing owls. I’m like what the f**k, ‘Is this a sign?’ I Googled ‘what’s the significance of owls’ and it was a bunch of s***.”

We’re just happy Louie is alive and well. S/o to that guardian owl.

Source: VLADTV