Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo and the Dallas Mavericks had a pretty bitter divorce last season.  He clashed with head coach Rick Carlisle, the team made up a nonexistent injury as the reason for ditching him in the middle of a playoff series, and he didn’t even get a share of the additional cash they received for making the postseason.  In any event, Rondo is now with the Sacramento Kings and made his first trip back to Dallas on Tuesday night for their game against the Mavericks.  Rondo couldn’t get revenge on his former team on the court as he sat out with back spasms so he tried to do what he could from the sideline.

It wasn’t caught by the refs, announcers or anyone at the game but some observant folks on Twitter caught Rondo trying to do what looks like kicking or tripping Deron Williams.

He didn’t succeed and later on in the game, Williams hit the buzzer-beater that gave the Mavericks the win.

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